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Billia combines all the tools you will need to manage your digital service company. CRM, ERP, Invoicing, Communications, Product Catalog and much more.


Billia comes with direct integration for our Automation software called AppCell. AppCell is application packaging standard, which will allows you to integrate and sell all kind of digital goods from 3rd party vendors, like: cPanel, Plesk, Enom, SSLStore, etc.

Self-Service Portal

Billia provides 3 different user portals: Management Portal, Store Front, Customer Portal. With this diversification, your customers will know exactly where to log in in order to work with there services.


Billia comes prepacked with Reseller Features, that will allow you to sell to B2C and B2B from one place. With Billia, you will be able to offer 100% whitelabeled software for your resellers, where they will serve end users

Finally, the ALTERNATIVE of WHMCS & Odin you are looking for. 

The billing and automation solution capable of being faster, better and smarter than any other similar software. Cloud-based, Enterprise ready and providing the freedom to customize and further develop it as per your business needs, Billia is designed to optimize your company’s efficiency and performance.

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Is Billia On-Premise (deployed in my DC)?

YES! Billia is deployed on premises on your infrastructure. Every component is microservice, deployed on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes

Can I add my products to the Billia Catalog

YES! Billia supports powerful product catalog, where you can add and sell all products and product options you want. 

Can I write my provisioning extensions for AppCell. 

YES! AppCell is packaging standard build to simplify the development of new plugins. After the development of the "Cell". We will approve it and add it to the public AppCell catalogue.  

Can I extend Billia?

YES! Billia is fully API based. You have FULL API access to your deployment to develop new features. Billia comes with packed with "Eventor", which will allow you, to hook and modify system flows.

How much costs?

Billia is completely FREE. You are paying ONLY for the provisioning automations, that are handled by as low as €0.10 per active service per month

Does Billia have Customer Self-Service Portal?

YES! Your Billia deployment comes with beautiful customer portal, where your end customers will be able to manage, buy and renew services.

How much Customer could I have?

Billia is UNLIMITED in every aspect. We are NOT charging or limiting you on customers, orders, services or any other component. 

Can I rebrand Billia?

YES! From the management panel, you can rebrand all 3 softwares: Management panel, Front Store and Customer Portal. 

Bonus: You can rebrand all softwares for your resellers too.

Does Billia supports languages and currencies?

YES! Billia is multilingual and with multi-currency support. Billia automatically calculate all currencies you want to sell based on the current exchage rate

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