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Reseller Club

Obtain Reseller Club functionalities in your system by using ApiHawk's Reseller Club Integration with AppCell!

Reseller Club is a Domain registrar and hosting company founded to provide SMEs with the opportunity of a better and more effective web presence. Today, Reseller Club is the go-to market place for Web professionals to sort and purchase vital and quality services in various areas such as Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Email, Backup solutions, Security, etc. Reseller Club also resells valuable services such as WordPress Web hosting, Plesk VPS Hosting, and more.

Reseller Club
Reseller Club
Reseller Club
  • CRUD actions: Create (Provision)
    Read (Fetch Domain Information)
    Update (Renew, Contact Management, and Privacy Protection)
    Delete (Terminate)

  • Transfer actions: Available automated domain transfers from other registrars. Includes Transfer Lock functionality to prevent unauthorized transfers, and Dynamic EPP.

  • Domain actions: Automatically register domain, domain renewal options, and deletion of domain.

  • Synchronization: Sync expiry/renew dates for the domain between the system and domain records through Vendor <-> Billia synchronization.

  • Contacts: Manage and update Contacts when necessary on registered domains.

  • NS Management: Management and control over registered domain Name Servers (NS). Includes also update and deletion on NS.  Domain may also point to external NS.

  • DNS Management: Updates of AppCell's DNS Vendors. Management and control over registered domain's records (A, TXT, MX, SOA, CNAME, etc.), in the case NS point to Registrar in question.

  • Protection: Includes Privacy Protection and GDPR Protection.

Reseller Club

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