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Spam Experts

Obtain Spam Experts functionalities in your system by using ApiHawk's Spam Experts Integration with AppCell!

The company Spam Experts helps web-hosting companies and ISPs/telcos to improve their email protection. Their services include inbound and outbound email filtering and archiving solutions, driven by a Protection & Filtering Engine. Spam Experts offers various solutions on email protection.

Spam Experts
Spam Experts
Spam Experts
  • CRUD actions for SpamExperts Accounts (End-User & Reseller): Create (Provision)
    Read (Fetch Account Information)
    Update (Account/VM details)
    Delete (Terminate)

  • Billing and Congigurution for: Domain Limits
    Email Archiving

    Protection type (Incoming, Outgoing, "Both")

  • Suspend/Unsuspend

  • Upgrade/Downgrade

  • Transfer actions (Transfer hosting services between Billia accounts.):

  • Synchronization (all configurable options and dates):

Spam Experts

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