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All Billia licenses in Russia are terminated

We can not believe in 2022 a European software company will "have" to do that, but we are blocking all Russian instances in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

We want to be super clear:

These measures are not against our friends: the people of Russia, these measures are against the country Russia. (We are not stupid, this is an act of protest)

What this means:

  • All Billia licenses issued from Russian servers will be immediately terminated.

  • All licenses to our Automation-as-a-Service Engine: used by Billia instances in Russia or custom-developed software from Russian companies will be immediately terminated.

  • All services deployed via will NOT be terminated, because we do not have access to the customer's infrastructure.

We hope that measures will be temporary and soon will welcome our partners from Russia again, but for now, this is necessary in order to show our solidarity with Ukraine

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