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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We just announced our most powerfull product Billia 7. One of the biggest improvements we've made is the integration of the automation component is one the very first worldwide Automation-as-a-Service solution for hosters and telcos.

This means: No more resources are spent by you in order to manage and provision services. Every provision is handled by ApiHawk's infrastructure.

Let's first clear it out: Billia holds all the business logic and makes sure your business is running smoothly and your customers experience the best shopping journey ever. AppCell on the other hand is an Automation solution taking care of provisioning and managing of all service integrations (Share hosting, Domains, SSL, Cloud, VPS etc.). From now on, AppCell is also first in the world automation-as-a-service offloading the provided to maintain and monitor hundred thousands of tasks.

But let's go deeper in what AppCell does, how it makes your life easier.

As a SaaS product, as you can expect AppCell is deployed on our cloud infrastructure and every Billia (deployed on-premises) calls AppCell with direct tasks for provisioning or managing services.


curl --request POST \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --header 'Authorization: XXXXXXXXXX' \
  --data '{
   "correlation_id": "5kbAFlBuRDY",
   "plugin": "Plesk",
   "action": "create",
   "payload": {
       "domain": "",
       "email": "",
   "settings": {
       "server": "",
       "access_key": ""


    "result": {
        "message": "Webspace created successfully"
    "for-update": {
        "option": {
            "server": "",
            "username": "billia123",
            "password": "*****"
    "status": 200

This API will contact your own Plesk server and will deliver a shared hosting account on it based on your "payload".

AppCell is an overpowered "plugin" system built on the application level. This means all "vendors" are plugins (called cells) to AppCell

And not only that, but all Cells are also containerized micro services, which means every cell could scale on its own on load.

AppCell is improving your solution with ready to use:

  • Scalable Plugin infrastructure

  • Complex scenarios for multi-vendor provisioning. Create VPS in Virtuozzo, after that deploy cPanel with ansible after that create a customer account and deploy WordPress. All this without further development, just configurations from the management panel.

  • Retry Strategy

  • Caching mechanism with correlation_id

  • Request & Response payload validation with JSON schemas

  • Payload enrichment if needed. is designed to be easily integrated in your custom billing solution too. With it's pure plugin & API design, we are guaranteeing that this will be the last vendor you will ever integrate in your software. - Borislav Borislavov CTO, ApiHawk

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

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