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Billia 7.0.0 released

The best Billing & Automation software for hosting companies and telecoms just become even better.

After ~2000 development hours, we are finally releasing one of the biggest Billia releases yet.

New payment gateway, that supports automated payments via Stripe

Our payment processor is rebuilt from the ground. Already supporting automated payments & subscriptions on specific gates. Currently stripe has the best integration for automatically capturing auto renew payments, when the customer saves it's credit card in stripe. This means: no more emails "we've placed your order, please pay us", the system will place the order, pay it and renew the service automatically.

AppCell now support multi stage retries, async communication

Our Automation-as-a-Service software become even better and a lot more powerful. With the latest release of AppCell (v7), we are now supporting data saving in the middle of the provisioning process, async communication, which will ensure we can handle 1000x more load on the same infrastructure, different pricing for different plugins and much more.

Data saving in runtime.

One of the biggest issues of AppCell was "how to store data in your billing software in the middle of the provisioning process. Example: when provisioning Plesk service, AppCell automatically chose on which server the account will be provisioned, what will be the username and password. If for some reason the provisioning "crash" after the account creation, Billia will not know about this account, but the account will be already on the server. On the retry, Plesk Cell will chose new server and one account will be deployed on multiple servers without a trace.

This is already "fixed" with new commutation layer for "data saving in runtime". You (as a cell developer) should only do:

$replyService->reply($this->settings['correlation_id'], [
    'for-update' => [
        'option' => [
            'server' => $serverHostname,
            'username' => $username,
            'password' => $password

This will store the data in AppCell Responses and will reuse it on retry.

Async Communication

AppCell's /execute API now support async requests. This means, no more open connection over HTTP for provisioning services.

With the new wait GET param, you can specify to the /execute RPC, I do now need a response, just do you job.

The /execute API is state-full and if you send again the same request, it will fetch from the cache responses and will return them, instead contacting the vendor again.

Customer Portal now supports minified navigation

Customer Portal now supports minified UI for all power users that require speed and space.

This feature could be enabled per user from Profile Settings page.

Customer now have control on it's product autorenew and billing cycles

With the introduction of customer product settings page in Billia Customer Portal, we are giving the control of how product will be billed and renewed directly to the customer.

Customer can control:

  • Should this product be renewed automatically

  • Which "billing profile" is the "owner" of this services, and what will be the debtor in the invoice

  • When renewed, what will be the billing cycle for the next period

Also, there is a "danger zone" where the customer could initiate a migration of this product to another account in the software or immediately terminate the service.

If the customer decides to "terminate" the

service, a confirmation will be shown, where he should confirm the action. After confirmation, the product will be immediately suspended and a "cancel" order will be placed. This order will automatically set the termination date of the product to "tomorrow" and in the morning customer product will be deleted from the vendor (if possible).

This means even on mistake, the customer has ~24 hours to contact your support team and block the termination.

If you want to try it, our demo playground is 24/7 open

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