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Up-sell & cross-sell like a hero

We all know having a good product and offering the best service is not enough to attract new customers, especially if you need to acquire quite a few. But how do you achieve the best customer experience?

Nowadays, customers have plenty of good services out there they can choose from. That is why you must find a way to attract these customers faster and better than your competitors.

Building Billia's engine, we always try to be in the end user's shoes. We are constantly analysing the behaviour and improving its purchase journey.

One of the key components to successful online sales is а well-presented service. Here comes Billia, with a wide variety of opportunities. It's a Marketing and a Sales department's dream come true.

We have implemented in Billia a set of tools working closely together to help you perform better in sales, up-sales, cross-sales, bundle suggestions, etc.

So, let's start with simple things like discounts.

From the beginning, our goal was to bring as much price flexibility as possible to Billia.

There are two types of discounts that can be created in the Billia System:

A discount is applied to a single product/service (hosting, domains, etc.) as a percentage or a fixed amount, triggered by either an exact period, range of selected promotional codes, or unique links/URLs.

Relation discount (Bundle) is

applied as a bundle discount between two or more products/services (hosting, domain, VPS, .etc.), where each one is set with a percentage or a fixed amount of their total price.

Most often, one is for free and is triggered by a specific fixed time or time range period, when the products are selected for purchase together.

Promotional code is used as a trigger and has options such as period range, limits and affiliate. Also, it can generate a range of promo codes with specific suffixes and prefixes and export them in CSV.

Both Discounts can be limited to purchase types(one or more) and are suitable for services only and/or their options&addons.

Promotions and Discounts can be enriched with intelligent suggestions, Labels and Banners. Billia gives a unique opportunity to suggest specific products based on the end user's shopping cart items or domain search.

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