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Integrate Once

Instead of integrating every single vendor you want to sell, integrate AppCell and sell them all


Pay ONLY for the active services you will be managing with AppCell, as low as 0.10EUR per service per month.

Integrations Marketplace

Start selling services as soon as you integrate AppCell into your software. comes with huge marketplace of already integrated vendors.


AppCell is standardising the way all 3rd party vendor APIs are working.  This means, no more specific code per vendor in your software. All DNS integrations work the same, all domain integrations work the same!


One API to rule them all

AppCell is free time

AppCell is focused on improving the day-to-day work processes of companies in the hosting and telecom industries. The issues AppCell manages to resolve can save business time, man-power and development costs. 

No more hardcoding

AppCell’s plugins are not hardcodedand don’t lead to compatibility, modification limitations or issues. They can be easily transferred, transitioned, updated, removed, or added, without any risk for the centralized system.

Error? Just Retry.

AppCell incorporates an error-handling and retry strategyfunctionality, which ensures that an error during the provisioning process will not corrupt the entire system or end result. 


AppCell is language-agnostic and capable of working with various centralized systems and plugins, no matter their programming language (PHP, Java, Python, Go, C++, etc.). 

Plugin Conveniency

AppCell comes with a vast pool of already configured Integrations of well-established Resellers, Domain Registrars, Service providers, and even more vendors.

We Go Above
and Beyond

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