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In Billia, we believe, that you should pay ONLY when you make money.


 Because of that our business model is simple: Billia is completely FREE of charge.

You pay only for the automated services you are selling.

Pricing starts as low as 10 cents /per active service /per month


Billia is completely FREE. Sell as much manual services as you want, free of charge, forever. 

  • Unlimited Everything

  • Deployed on your infrastructure

  • Suporting manual Services


per service

per month

Upgrade your Billia with powerful automation and start selling all kind of digital gods, such as: Plesk, cPanel, Acronis, SSLStore, etc.

  • Fully automated provisioning 

  • Customer Portal UI

  • Increase revenue per employee



One time


With every Billia deployment you receive 3 FREE tickets + unlimited bug reporting. If you need any more assistance from us, you can purchase ticket credits. 

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One time

Installation & Configuration

If you need an assistance with the installation & the initial configuration of Billia, our team is happy to do it for you. 

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One time

Upgrade Service

We are producing Billia updates every month. If you need an assistance for upgrading your server to the latest version, we can do it for you. 

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One time

Migration Service

If you need help, migrating your legacy data to Billia, we can develop for you migration script. The cost would depends on the complexity of your current system and data volume. 

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Public Demo

In our demo instance, you will be able to check the management panel, customer portal and the storefront, called Billia Store.

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