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Management Panel

Management panel is for you, your staff and resellers. In the management panel, you will be able to change every aspect of your company process and offerings

 host: manage.demo.billia.cloud
 user: billia-admin@apihawk.com

 pass: ilovebillia

Customer Portal

This is the software for your customers. This is the place, where they will manage all services, view invoices, place orders and manage their accounts.

 host: portal.demo.billia.cloud

 user: billia-client@apihawk.com

 pass: ilovebillia

Billia Store

Billia Store is designed to convert your leads into customers. Billia Store should be connected directly with your website and will guide your customers.

 host: store.demo.billia.cloud

 user: billia-client@apihawk.com

 pass: ilovebillia

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Billia is all-in-one Billing & Automation software for digital service providers, developed by the software company: ApiHawk Ltd.

Located in the ❤️ of Europe,  we are specialised in the development of high-tech managing solutions for Service Providers, Hosters,  Domainers, and Telecoms.



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